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"Rain Chair" 1988
The Outdoor Chair
Sausalito, California
Exhibition traveled to the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York


"To Each According to Its Kind" 1994
Sculpture Invitational 
California College of the Arts
Oakland, CA


"Silk Gate" 1996
Life Forms and Ancient Energies
Richmond Art Center
Richmond, CA
Sited in the Santa Cruz Mountains


"Lake Two Tower" 1982
Sculpture '82, A Contemporary Survey
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, CA

My sculpture has always been constructed, assembled. The underpinnings of my work, both sculpture and drawing, come from architecture; its geometry, its engineering, the orderlyness of the architectural form in relationship to the organic, ever changing natural world.

In the 1980's I did a series of sculptures that floated on the water. The movement of the sculpture on the water brought whole new dimensions to the work; heavy wood became buoyant, light patterns flickered across the surfaces, the mirror image was reflected on the water. Later I did pieces with hanging ribbons that caught the breeze, making the wind visible. These elements continue to be important in my work.