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Geometry is the divine pattern that underlies the world of time and space, where the forces of nature continually reconfigure the landscape. My methods in drawing and painting reflect this; shapes are laid down layer upon layer and chance plays a role in the resulting patterns. Elements of weather are suggested. Landforms show the marks of shifting planes. The geometry suggests architecture, a site plan still embryonic floats below the landscape.


"Angel from the Web of Heaven" 1992
What Heaven Looks Like
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
San Jose, CA



"Laughter in the Garden #1" 2009
Encountering the Terrain
Art League of Daytona Beach


"Space Moves #1" 2008
charcoal & pastel on paper 18"x24"


"Timeless Intersections #5" 2009
mixed media- vellum and wood


"Plan View #15" 2007
charcoal & pastel on paper 11"x17"